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Design and build without mistakes with BIM-Wizard

Build a house the first time and without alterations

With speed of a sports motorcycle



You want:

  1. So that the builders themselves understand what to do and how to do it

  2. Get everything immediately and without rework

  3. Issue the project and do not visit construction site

But you have to:

  1. Explain every step

  2. Have to eliminate errors independently 

  3. It is necessary to decipher the project to builders and to itself

Your solution is a competent project manager with engineering knowledge. And, of course, professional and well-established work in BIM. Briefly about what it is, you can read the link below. You are lucky, you do not need to look for a specialist who combines knowledge and experience in these parts of real estate design, he is in front of you

About me

My name is Igor Zigura

Since 2015, I have been working in BIM in parallel with project management and construction works. Implemented projects in Russia and Switzerland, as a project manager, as a Chief Engineer of the Project, as well as a developer of information models. I have repeatedly found solutions to complex and even unsolvable problems. I will solve your problems as well.


Current most interesting projects

What can I do for you?

Briefly about my services

One-hour consultation by phone, Zoom, Teams or other remote method. Questions on the organization of work in BIM, on the organization of the project team, technical issues, best practices


Analytics of your BIM models, checks for intersections, for compliance with requirements, general expert assessment. Cost for every 5 000 square meters


Development of a BIM model by my forces according to your documentation with the possibility of issuing additional drawings, according to your requirements

from 1000$

Long-term involvement of me in your project (more than 2 months), in any role, according to my specialization. Not only BIM, but also design, construction, design projects and so on. Remotely with the possibility of departure if necessary


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