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What is this?

BIM, or Building Information Modeling, is like a digital blueprint for buildings. Think of it as a 3D computer model that includes every detail of a construction project, from design to operation. This model isn't just for architects and engineers – it's a powerful tool that benefits everyone, even if you're not an expert in real estate or engineering.

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Digital twin

A BIM model is a 3D model of everything that exists or can be in a building.
In this model, absolutely everything can be calculated, measured and viewed as if it exists in the real world.

Features globally

Visual Clarity

BIM simplifies complex projects. Instead of deciphering traditional 2D plans, BIM offers a 3D visual representation of a building. It's like looking at a digital model of your dream home, making it easier to understand and make decisions.


Cost Savings

BIM helps prevent costly mistakes. By catching errors early in the design phase, it can save time and money during construction. These savings often translate into better affordability for end-users


BIM promotes sustainability. It allows you to explore how eco-friendly and energy-efficient your building can be, which is great for the environment and your wallet


Even after the project is complete, BIM continues to be useful. It helps manage and maintain your building efficiently, ensuring it stays in top shape for years to come


BIM fosters teamwork. Everyone involved in the project, from architects to contractors, can work together seamlessly, ensuring a smoother building process


Drawings, specifications, views – all the components of the documentation will always reflect the real state of the model. Have you decided to move the wall? All plans were automatically changed, specifications, room areas were recalculated, and so on.

For anyone!

3D Vies

This is something that is practically not offered in "flat" drawing due to the complexity of implementation and the huge amount of time spent. And for a 3D BIM model, the view of everything, anything, is set up in minutes.


How much is the draw?

The number of possible plans, sections and views significantly exceeds what is offered by "flat" drawing

Mistakes? No!

Excluding the manual labor of the draftsman, this approach to the release of documentation also eliminates possible typos, omissions of something due to inattention and other problems of the presence of the human factor

Changes? Ok)

The gain in design time begins to grow exponentially with the appearance of changes.


Render? Real-time!

software systems for BIM design have built-in photorealistic visualization tools. Even in real time

From the apartment to the city

Any scale of projects


In a Nutshell

BIM isn't just for experts; it's for everyone who's part of a construction project or simply interested in understanding how it all comes together. It's a tool that brings transparency, efficiency, and sustainability to the world of construction. Let me guide you through this exciting technology, so you can make more informed choices when it comes to your built environment

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