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Аннотация Тропинка


These are just discrete services that I offer. By cooperating with me, you can count on all my many years of experience and knowledge in all aspects of design and much more

I prefer long-term cooperation, in which I could bring maximum benefit to your projects

Call me maybe

One-hour consultation by phone, Zoom, Teams or other remote method. Questions on the organization of work in BIM, on the organization of the project team, technical issues, best practices


All by myself

Development of a BIM model by my forces according to your documentation with the possibility of issuing additional drawings, according to your requirements

from 1000$

You draw, I model

I work together with a designer or architect. I translate drawings, ideas into a BIM model. I prepare drawings, specifications and much more

from 1000$

Let's see

Analytics of your BIM models, checks for intersections, for compliance with requirements, general expert assessment. Cost for every 5 000 square meters


Sold out!

Long-term involvement of me in your project (more than 2 months), in any role, according to my specialization. Not only BIM, but also design, construction, design projects and so on. Remotely with the possibility of departure if necessary*


Let me be your hero

Control of construction works. Verification with drawings, BIM model. Your eyes, hands and ears on the construction site


*Relocation is possible and very desirable

Аннотация Тропинка





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