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My projects

The most memorable projects I've had a hand in. Some of them were completed entirely by me in my own company or under a contract, in some of them I was an important member of the team. These are not all my works, the simpler ones were not included in this collection



Not only project management, BIM modeling, engineering, etc, but also some features, that have made life better, design - faster, costs - lower 

Volumes collector

Dynamo, C#, Navisworks API

A special algorithm and software for it. Allows you to automatically get volumes and jobs in Navisworks

Properties collector and analysis

Dynamo, Revit

A script that receives and analyzes the necessary parameters from the model

Our own CDE (Common Data Environment)

Nextcloud, Linux

Creating, testing and launching our own organization CDE based on Nextcloud

Clash matrix

Dynamo, Excel, Navisworks

A special algorithm and software for it. Automatically generates checks for intersections based on the collision matrix and the necessary attributes (categories, tags, etc.)

Participation in the development of the FutureBIM plugin

Revit API

I am actively involved in the development, modernization and testing of the FutureBIM plugin (

BIM black magic

My own head

A lot of difficult and unsolvable issues that I knew how to solve

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